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About us

Oakmount Installations Ltd is a small company based on the edge of the New Forest.

With over 15 years experience within the window film industry, we offer a full, supply and installation service for the home. We specialise in:

  • Solar control film to reduce heat, glare and help protect against fading
  • UV protection film for those with sensitive skin
  • Safety and security films


Window film is a transparent or opaque material that is designed to enhance the performance and or the aesthetics of you glazing.

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Solar Control Window Film Arrow

Solar control window film can dramatically reduce the heat and glare from the sun, making
your room or conservatory feel much more comfortable, whilst still allowing a clear view.

Fade Reduction Window Film Arrow

Fade reduction window film can significantly prolong the life of your fabrics, furnishings and artwork without affecting the flow of natural light or hindering the view.

Dermagard Arrow

Dermagard provides the highest possible UV protection for those that suffer from light sensitive conditions. This film is completely clear and once applied, is unnoticeable and allows full daytime use of rooms where the curtains are normally kept shut.

CoolKote™ Arrow

CoolKote™ is a high-performance metalized PVC coating, designed for use with polycarbonate
roofs. Similar to solar control films, CoolKote prevents heat building up simply by reflecting the
suns heat away before it can be transmitted inside. Glare is also significantly reduced.

Safety Film Arrow

Safety film is a clear film that strengthens glazing and holds it together in the case of impact
thus keeping your family safe from the dangers of shattered glass.

Security Film Arrow

Security film can be applied to windows in the home to strengthen and reinforce your glass. The film makes the glass much harder to break, therefore deterring potential intruders.

Privacy Film Arrow

Privacy film provides one-way daytime privacy or two-way 24hr privacy.

One-way privacy film has a similar effect a one-way mirror, allowing privacy from nosey
neighbours or passers by but only during daylight hours. Curtains or blinds would need to drawn at night.

Two-way privacy film gives the effect of frosted glass, thus providing complete privacy whilst still allowing plenty of natural light to pass through.

Bespoke Digitally Printed Wallpaper Arrow

Digital wallpaper allows a high resolution image (of your choice) to be printed onto wall paper and then used to create a personalised feature on any smooth wall in your home.

Decorative Window Film Arrow

Decorative window film is a subtle and elegant method of providing a little extra privacy to your home. These can designs can be cut from a frosted vinyl or the more intricate patterns are printed onto a clear film.

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